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Why Wishbone?

When babies are not feeling well, they cry because they cannot say what is wrong. To give parents peace of mind, we need a device that can quickly and accurately measure temperature and track historical data. As parents ourselves, we could not find anything on the market that could satisfy our needs. That's why we created Wishbone to help parents monitor and track temperatures more efficiently.

Origin of the Idea

As a father and a baby product store owner, I know the hassle of taking a child's temperature all too well and so do my teammates. My parenting experience and the feedback from my customers led me to believe that there is a need for a small, easy-to-use thermometer that measures and monitors temperatures using a smartphone. That's how we came up with the idea for Wishbone.

Wishbone Baby UK is our official British distribution arm for Wishbone thermometers. 

Safe and Non-invasive

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How It works

Wishbone can accurately measure body temperature by measuring forehead skin and examine liquid temperature from surfaces in a few seconds. It can also measure environmental temperature by pointing in the direction of the heat source or holding it up.

Is it safe?

Wishbone does not emit any form of radiation or sound as it uses a passive sensor and is completely safe!


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Wishbone Baby Thermometer


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